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My name is Warren Bright and I am a South African Entrepreneur, Investor, and Business Leader based in Cape Town.

I’ve been creating content on the Internet since 2009 and have a strong passion for all things digital. I have been involved in 2 successful YouTube channels and have amassed over 35,000 followers across the various platforms. Creating content online has given me the opportunity to work with incredible brands such as Cornetto, Fanta, WeChat, Ubisoft, Afreaka, HelloTalk and more.

In 2016 I registered my company, and after my Marketing degree finished later that year, I focused my efforts on getting my social media agency up and running. I love social media and the opportunities it provides brands to connect with their audiences. My digital marketing agency is called SCOPE, and we focus on creating social media magic for brands, both local and international!

I am also super passionate about personal finance and investing, and I was blessed enough to purchase my first property at the age of 22. Real estate is something that has always fascinated me, and I was absolutely thrilled when I got the opportunity to renovate my own apartment. I consider myself a buy-to-let investor.

We’ve all have gifts and talents, and my mission in life is to use what I have been given to help build the Kingdom.